no good deed

yay welcome home to me

friday the idiot nurse at the dr office waited all day until 4:59 and called in the wrong meds AGAIN. The Pharmacist finally said screw it and tried to fill it anyway after looking at the history (which includes the previously recorded do-overs with the idiot nurse) only to discover they are sold out. perfect, now it’s Friday evening and I still have no meds, no prescription and people are closing up shop left and right.

then the domestic drama filled weekend from hell….

followed by AT&T refusing to take our money and turning off the phones, which is kind of an interesting fiscal policy imo, and seriously impedes my ability to un-pile the stack of shit that is on my to-do list. Not their best move after bitching about my recent ‘off network’ usage when I was out of the metro.


not the worst weekend ever but definitely top 10

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