Mentors & New Shooters

These experienced shooters across the U.S. invite new shooters to come out and experience the world of firearms. Come out and see for yourself. “Hands-on” instruction in a safe, controlled environment.

Rookie Shooter Evolution & the Buddy System – blogpost

The Mission:
to promote firearms in a safe positive fashion, fight ignorance, apathy and fear, and protect our rights, one voter at a time.

North America


Mentors | Shooting Clubs (Membership Required)| Public Ranges | Special Events
Note: Clubs and Ranges are not part of the volunteer Mentor program. These organizations are included as an additional resource for new shooters. Please see the individual websites for fee and/or membership information.
Note: Mentors are volunteering their time and expertise. New shooters please be prepared to cover ammo costs and range fees.

If you’d like to get your name added to our list please let me know. My contact info is in the right hand sidebar just north of the logos or you can leave a comment below.

Info I need:
Name – blogger name, real name, nickname, etc. [anything your significant other yells to get your attention]
Location – city, county, state, etc [as specific or general as you want; its not my gas money]
Contact info – blog link, phone, email, etc [we all hate spammers, but we gotta be able to reach you somehow]
Misc – anything else you want listed [special qualifications, personal history, prerequisites]


Other Resources for First time Shooters





Current Events

A Competition for Gunbloggers: Taking Newbies to the Range — Rules Here

Firearm terminology / Range Etiquette / Safety Rules Page coming soon eventually


United States
Tucson Kevin [WebSite]
Gator [WebSite]
Gilbert ExurbanKevin [Contact]
Riverside Brian [Contact]
Mountain View Kelly [Contact]
Hanford/ Lemoore Skip [Contact]
Tujunga Dave Z [Contact]
Vail Ryan [Contact]
Colorado Springs BlackShepherd [WebSite] [Contact]
Denver Demian [WebSite]
Windsor Ed F. [Contact]
Tampa Bay Area Greg [WebSite]
Miami/Naples Jan [Contact]
Marietta Amish Bill [Contact]
Roswell Ted [WebSite]
Boise Vlad [Contact]
Sagle Chris & Melody [WebSite] [Contact]
Springfield Don [WebSite]
Evansville James D [WebSite]
Vinton Dan [Contact]
Des Moines HubCap [Contact]
Lawrence Warrior Knitter [WebSite]
Louisville GreatBlueWhale [WebSite]
Shreveport Speedy [Contact]
Southern Maine Tony [Contact]
Androscoggin County Jay M [Contact]
Washington D.C. Metro Area Matt [WebSite]
Countertop [WebSite]
Southern Maryland Jay G [WebSite]
Eastern Massachusetts Tony [Contact]
Detroit Rick E. [WebSite]
Twin Cities Metro Area Dave P [WebSite]
St. Cloud Dave P [WebSite]
Cambridge Paul [Contact]
St. Charles County Lee [WebSite][Contact]
Murray JimP [Contact]
New Hampshire
Southern New Hampshire Tony [Contact]
New York
Long Island Glenn [WebSite]
Randell [Contact]
North Carolina
Charlotte NewbieShooter [WebSite]
NorthEastern NC Sailor Curt [WebSite]
Pinehurst Kimberly [WebSite][Contact]
Washington Richard [Contact]
North Dakota
Fargo Scott [Contact]
NorthEastern Ohio Breda [WebSite]
Columbus James R [WebSite]
Mustang Woodley [WebSite]
Tulsa AEPilot Jim [WebSite]
Linn County Byron [Contact]
Hillsboro FreddyBoomBoom [Contact]
Philadelphia Geek With a .45 [WebSite]
Bucks County Claude [Contact]
Lancaster Matthew B. [Contact]
South Carolina
Charleston Tom [Website]
Myrtle Beach Brad [Contact]
Knoxville Joshua [Contact]
Mt. Juliet Clay [WebSite]
Dallas / Fort Worth JR [WebSite]
Lockney Tommy & June [Contact]
Central Texas Roger [Contact]
Tyler Robert [WebSite] [Contact]
Pflugerville David K [WebSite]
NorthWest Dallas / Fort Worth Matt G [WebSite]
Huntsville Paul [Contact]
Weber County Gil [Contact]
Sterling Scott [Contact]
Northern Virginia Jay G [WebSite]
NorthEastern Virginia Russ [Contact]
Countertop [WebSite]
Norfolk Sailor Curt [WebSite] [Contact]
Triangle Randy [Contact]
Kirkland Joe [WebSite] [Contact]
NE Wyoming MamaLiberty [Contact]
Regina Drew & Dani [Contact]
Western Australia
Perth Julie [WebSite] [Contact]

[More to follow as I get confirmation]
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  1. welcome Ryan from Vail Colorado !!

  2. Welcome Newbie Shooter from NC !!

  3. How do I get added to your list? E-mail me.

  4. Sailor Curt is the first to seek us out and ask to be added πŸ™‚

  5. If anyone else would like to volunteer to join us, just email me or post here.

  6. I am willing to help out anyone with an open mind in the central Bucks Co. area. You can come as my guest to the Bucks County Fish & Game Club in Doylestown, PA ($10 range fee) and learn to shoot pistol and rifle.

    Phone: (732) 391-1122

  7. Mulligan,

    I make the same sort of offer. I spend most of my time around College Station TX (at the moment) but actually live just outside of Evansville IN.

    Details are on my blog.


  8. I have an apartment full time near College Station, but I’m a resident of IN. I get to go home for one weekend / month at the moment.


  9. I’m up for it in Georgia. Let me know how to get added.

  10. The map is looking very good. Nice job Sir!

  11. You can add me in the Tulsa OK area. Contact is in my profile on blogger (

  12. I would love to take new shooters out. I’ve done this several times and it’s always fun for everyone involved.

    My name is Jay and I’m in Androscoggin County in Maine. I’m a member at the Durham R&G Club where I can bring one or two guests. If there are more there’s always the back forty. πŸ™‚

    My email is

  13. I’m in.

    The name’s Gator. I’m in Tucson AZ. Details and an open invitation are at the blogsite

    Thanks. And nice job.

  14. Thanks for having me on your list of distinguished chicks with guns!

  15. you’re welcome πŸ™‚

  16. Anyone in Saskatoon?

  17. unfortunately not yet. Would you like to be the first ? πŸ™‚

    So far all the volunteers are in the US; the closest is probably North Dakota.

    I’ll poke around the discussion boards and see if I can find someone in your area.

  18. I’m in.

    Name – Matthew Butch
    Location – Lancaster, PA
    Contact info –
    Misc – I have both rifles and pistols, and I have a buddy who has more. I can take up to 6 people at once.

  19. Hello!

    I am a firearms instructor from Detroit, MI. I offer FREE shooting lessons to women who have never fired a handgun. I cover all expenses for the lesson. I’d like to be added to your resource listing on your web site.

    My blog post where I detail the offer is on my blog at the following URL:

    My name is Rick Ector.

    The name of my blog is Legally Armed in Detroit (LAID) at address

    The name of my training service is Rick’s Firearm Academy of Detroit at address

    I am based out of Detroit, MI.

    Contact info is

    Please let me know when my info goes live in your directory.

  20. I’d love to learn how to shoot but have no idea where to start.

    Any help would be appreciated!

  21. Michele if you get down to REGINA at all feel free to email or call me and I can get you some range time. We have indoor during the winter as well.


  22. Thanks Drew.

  23. Sign me up as a mentor. I do it now on a local basis, but if I could help out any new shooters from outside my club’s area (Windsor CT) I would enjoy it.

    Ed Foster
    60 Mayflower Rd.
    Windsor CT 06095
    home 860 688 3345
    cell 860 794 8381

  24. Go ahead and put me down. I’m certified by the state as a TCLEOSE Police Firearms Instructor, and have access to a private range.
    Show me in driving distance to the NW area of D/FW, TX.

    Matt G
    Send me a comment on my posts at my blog– they go straight to my email.

  25. Hi Mulligan, you can put my website up too if you like

    and my contact email is

  26. Count me in to the mentor program! What a great idea! Contact through my blog / website

  27. Hi! Sign me up for the mentor program. I can take care of folks in the Topeka & Lawrence, KS area as welll as any one in the Kansas City metro and surrounding areas. I’m located in Lawrence, KS. You can reach me at There is also an invite on my blog.

  28. Not a single one in New Jersey – a state in dire need of firearms PR and education.

  29. sorry no NJ contacts yet although someone in NY would prob be willing to help out if you don’t mind a bit of travel.

    Jersey can use all the help it can get, I have to agree.

  30. I admire your effort to recruit new shooters. That is part of our mission at Project Appleseed a 501(c)(3) for which I am proud to be a volunteer instructor. Please check us out, help us spread the word and come to an Applseed.

  31. No mentors for this new shooter in Utah? The land where 17% of adults have concealed carry permits (at least, by my back-of-the-envelope calculation)? πŸ˜₯

  32. A buddy of mine told me about your efforts. Please add me to your list. I am trying to convince people that they need to become new shooters.
    I am in Colorado Springs and my blog site is below:

  33. Des Moines, IA

    Add me to the mentor list.


  34. I wouldn’t mind helping people who are interested in learning about firearms and getting training. Services offered are consulting, training and giving as much info about other people who are out here that might not have found this web site who would want to help as well. I cover Western Connecticut and Vermont. Contact can be done via my web site which is Cinematic and Photographic productions.

  35. If you have guns (or anything) stolen and make a theft report, the police department will enter serial numbers in NCIC. When an officer in the field “runs” a number it “hits” on everything with that number, from semi-trailers to guns. Now days they run the gun AND the person possessing a gun whenever they can. Hopefully they will recover, rather than destroy a stolen gun if it is used in a crime.

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