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dear S&W

why are there vise grip marks on my firing pin ?

Made in the USA

well, see, I pitched a fit a while back about how my NRA catalog was full of imported stuff.

so today I see this: NRA Store

gotta take my hat off to ’em. There’s a bunch of MADE IN THE USA stuff now.

Good job NRA.

My kind of place


The stupid … It burns

I have 2 (not just 1, but 2) doctor visits today. Why? Well mostly because it’s just not Friday without strangers examining all my private parts and telling me how badly I’m living my life.

Can’t take my sidearm because there’s a totally cool and non compliant ‘no guns allowed’ sign at the door. Which I honor even though they don’t bother to follow the law themselves.

The office staff has already rev’d up the stupid by asking me to sign a permission form, allegedly to allow them to make reminder calls for appointments. Odd, considering they called yesterday even though I’ve signed no form. Even odder (and by odd I mean stupid) considering their form says nothing about reminders but instead reads “release medical information”.

I should really start charging a fee for training up the office staff in these places

focus on the resume

Dear Mainstream Media scum,

I don’t care what Candidate A does in the bedroom, bathroom or broom closet. I really don’t. Short of criminal actions, why is it noteworthy?

I don’t include those things on MY resume when I apply for a job, why should they? As long as my personal off duty time doesn’t include hobbies such as embezzlement, drunk driving, rape, etc I don’t think it is relevant.

When I write a resume I include job related skills, education and job performance history.  That’s what I’ll be looking at when I get ready to vote. If I can’t find that information in your paper, broadcast, magazine, or web page then you just became irrelevant.

Thank you for wasting my time

P.S. by the way, if Candidate A DOES have hobbies such as embezzlement, drunk driving, rape, etc; I think that IS relevant.

Let’s not forget (or abandon) the media’s historical role in bringing accurate, relevant information to the people. This is a need that will be filled by someone. If your giant corporations can’t handle it we’ll do it ourselves.


Previously my experiences with Apple Tech support have been relatively painless as those things go

But I can tell Steve Jobs is dead and gone….and it didn’t take long for it to all go to shit

Now Apple tech support consists of going to google, searching for stuff unrelated to your problem, installing remote control software, checking the task manager and then being referred to microsoft tech support.

Ol’ Sam Walton has company now at least

warranty guarantee

actual quality customer service today

Hello. How may we help you today? Broken? What’s your shipping address so we can send you a new one?

Nice 🙂

OtterBox  (my iphone case)


Thomas Nelson Bibles  (my new bible)