my best friend

20101013-125144.jpgsnowbear11 100_1677 100_1699 Picture 016 IMG_0114My best friend died in his sleep this morning

R.I.P Bear
April 1, 2001 – July 31, 2013

He kept me sane & gave me purpose through the most difficult decade of my life. May I someday be worthy of his dedication.
I miss him already



New Shooter

I’ve got a soon to be new gun owner here today.

I’m adding some first time shooter & 2A links to his web browser favorites.

anyone got any suggestions ? I’ll add ’em to the list

at the fair

went to the county fair today
brought back some old memories from my 4-H days

found the Democrats booth where they were giving away $50 ‘just for signing up’

found the Republican booth where they were giving away a flag ‘just for signing up’

the Libertarians left me alone … sign me up

Open Carry Event

via Eastern Iowa Carry [you can find ’em on Facebook]

2 weeks from yesterday we will meet to open carry without contention at Godfathers Pizza Town and Country. Please remember this month is on a TUESDAY not the usual Wednesday. Please invite everyone who says they have something to do on Wednesdays.

if my calculations are correct this means July 23

@ this Godfather’s Pizza

3647 1/2 1ST AVE SE
(319) 363-2127

Independence Day

Hoping everyone has a happy and safe holiday.

Remember why we celebrate, remember the reasons we fought and the price paid.


yes, it irritates me that people don’t even know the name of the holiday. I’m more than half convinced the general public is celebrating the fact that they know the date.

on the phone

Army Buddy: what do you think George Washington would say about today’s government?

Me: He’d say, “I thought we WON that war.”

random rule change

went down to the shall issue office with a handful of otherwise useless paperwork yesterday.


note this is the pile of useless documents I didn’t have the last time I was there


so, I’m stuffing my completed forms and supporting documentation into the little metal safety bin and looking at the highlighted portions of the requirements list (printed and highlighted by the person inside the fishbowl) to make sure I’ve got everything…..


and she informs me those documents are not what I need. Instead I need a picture ID with current address.


dunno why I even try to deal with these people