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I’m really a big advocate of the “do what you want just don’t get it on me” philosophy and I don’t really care what cult religion you claim to follow.

If your complaint consists of:  I couldn’t read it. It made me physically ill…

You’re an idiot. Seriously, how can you complain about something you didn’t read? Are you in Congress? Give me a break, you didn’t READ it, how can it have any effect on you at all?

If you can’t discuss your cult faith with family and friends without demanding blind acceptance and total agreement of everyone in the discussion…

You’re an idiot.  And apparently REEEEEEAAAALLY secure in your faith, not. Are you in Congress?

If your best argument consists of: my sources are better because I found better sources.

If your best response is: Well of course it doesn’t make sense, I condensed it so it would make sense.

You’re an idiot. Any novice student of logic or common sense can see the non-logic there, considering those textbook examples of fallacious logic.

If you turn your back on your oldest friend because he’s having a prolonged crisis of faith and then take your ball and run home crying when someone points out that God is giving you an opportunity to help someone (and pretty much telling you to go forth and do so)…

You’re an idiot, a poor friend and a really sad example of your brand of Christianity cult.


Why is it whenever people start arguing about racism their examples are all about black people being denied their rights by white people?

Someday maybe you liberals will understand that its not about black or white or red people.. its about ALL the people. It’s about the rights of every individual. When you draw a line between 2 people that’s your opinion. When the Government does it that’s censorship.

You cannot legislate morality. YOU CAN NOT. You can only legislate things that are disruptive to society. ‘Who’s rights were violated first?’ is the only law we need.

Telling me I have to sell my food to a black man instead of choosing to sell it to the white woman with 3 hungry kids is your opinion. Passing a law that makes me a criminal for it is clearly an infringement of my right as an AMERICAN CITIZEN to MAKE A DECISION about MY PROPERTY.


Give me liberty – or I’ll get up and get it myself!

GunRights4US – Observing the sunset of The Republic

sign of the times


yo .. do the math ..

if you don’t close the borders and allow the illegals to mix with the legals.. someone has to carry an ID card so you can tell them apart.

If you, as legal citizens don’t want to carry a citizenship card then go out and grab an illegal alien and carry him to the fucking border and throw his ass across the line.

Carry a Card to your home or carry an alien to his. .. Pick one

old papers

I was going through an old box of junk today and found some old paperwork.

While I was feeding the shredder I stumbled across this lil’ tidbit:

We, the willing, led by the unknowing
are doing the impossible for the ungrateful.
We have done so much, for so long, with so little,
We are now qualified to do anything with nothing.

author unknown .. just something I jotted down at some point past.

missed opportunities

I once met a girl that made me wish I was a better man.
I got married to a different girl. (& divorced)

I once met a girl that made me be a better man.
I got married to a different girl. (& divorced)

I’m pretty sure I’ve been doin’ it wrong.

today’s mood: wistful