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I am deeply disturbed, not by the news that Justice Scalia has passed, but by the reactions of so many of my acquaintances.

The man died. His family is grieving.

If you are celebrating this event you are a classless individual.  I am saddened to see so many people in the country professing joy while the widow is still wiping the tears of her children and grandchildren.

Regardless of your political leaning, have the common decency to wait till the man is in his grave before you dance on it – at a minimum.

You can be glad the suffering is over. You can be relieved the medical bills are no longer piling up. You can be many things. But if you take joy in the death of another person, there is something wrong with you.

There are people I think need removed from office. There are people I feel should be off the streets. There are people I think need punished for their crimes, up to and including execution. Thinking it needs done does not make me a fan, nor do I feel it needs to be the punishment in any but the most extreme case. There are many things that are necessary to protect this country and our way of life, not all of them are pleasant or popular.

In the event a criminal is punished in accordance with constitutional law and a jury of peers and a death penalty is pronounced:

  • I may conclude the world is safer
  • I may feel justice was served
  • I may even participate, as a juror or voter or citizen
  • I will never rejoice.


1. of or pertaining or appropriate to the sabbath.
2. of or pertaining to a sabbatical year.
3. bringing a period of rest.
4. sabbatical year.
5. any extended period of leave from one’s customary work, especially for rest, to acquire new skills or training, etc.

Mag change drills

Warm n breezy 🙂
15 meters


Still some feed problems
And my grip ain’t what it should be yet

More practice

Independence Day

Hoping everyone has a happy and safe holiday.

Remember why we celebrate, remember the reasons we fought and the price paid.


yes, it irritates me that people don’t even know the name of the holiday. I’m more than half convinced the general public is celebrating the fact that they know the date.



How many


When you are a Princess can you have too many pillows?


I think as long as the stupid continue to breed and as a group, get more and more stupid, eventually (if not already), Stupid will become its own race.