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high tech

it isn’t a flying car but its on my want list


geek questions

anyone know a good way to sync a laptop with a desktop?

internet helpdesk

lil somthin’ for you those of us who work/worked tech support

training video from

you’ll have to click it…..I can’t get it to embed, might be part of the reason why I’m not working tech support anymore ….

internet security

my Trend Micro Anti-Virus program subscription is about to expire.

how do I know?

there’s an auto generated email notification in my inbox and an alert in my system tray.

The problem: I don’t know which credit card they are planning to automatically charge. I don’t normally put internet purchases on auto-billing.

The solution (Plan A): I need to visit my online profile at their website and see where the charge will be going.

Except, there is no ‘edit/view billing information’ option available in my profile. Someone was really thinking on that one.

Plan B: call customer service and get some desk jockey to fire up their magic box and see which card is on file.

Except, there is no live person at the customer service option in the auto answer phone maze. It refers me to the webpage where they have a direct line number listed.

Except they don’t have a direct line (or any line) listed on that page.

Now, as a side effect of poking around their website, I find a page that shows the price for renewing a subscription.

Imagine my surprise disappointment when I discover (in keeping with big business ethical practices) the email in my inbox is offering me a ‘discounted’ renewal price that is greater than the price on the website.

so, if I click the link in the email for renewal I spend more money than if I go to their website and do it manually.

you liberals are probably wondering what the problem is here…….

Finale: when I finally get some idiot customer service professional on the phone and ask about the price disparity, the reply was ‘well that’s your choice’. The moral concept of a misleading email from a SECURITY COMPANY trying to take advantage of my trust was completely lost on this guy apparently.

Damn right its my choice. In fact, you moronic, foreign, phone politician it is my friggin choice to do business with your company AT ALL.

sigh… anyone want to recommend a good AV program?


i wonder how many hours i have to clock on the phone to tech supportĀ  before i can get college credit for being bi-lingual

is the search over ?

going into DAY 2 with the new internet provider here at the new house.

the previous trial with the 3G system went through several days of piss-poor customer service/tech support and while I saw a couple brief flashes of really good DL/UL speed, for the most part the turtle dial up modem would have won the race.

apparently the internet works better if you have a Laptop since it’s designed to be mobile.

that’s nearly word for word from one of the idiots who couldn’t close my account or connect me to a supervisor.

today I’m taking a break from yard maintenance to pack up the hardware in it’s handy lil box so I can ship it back.

Day 2 with the new satellite ISP is going ok so far. We’ve managed to get computer #2 up and running and the in-house wireless net is back on track. The office and staff didn’t make a very good first impression but the end product seems to live up to expectations. It’s not super DSL, but I can do multiple page loads and download files without things disconnecting or timing out. This is good. As a bonus, it turns out to be about 25 bucks a month cheaper too.

Why, you ask, did I go with the more expensive provider as a primary option? Uh, well, mostly because the previous occupants here had the satellite service and ‘hated it’. Dunno why. Their issues might stem from the electrical short in the wall behind the computer nook where everything plugs in.

The teenager comes home from gramma’s house today and with her computer in the loop we can test the bandwidth with 3 browsers. If the sat-isp can take that load we’ve got a winner I think.

brain freeze

I’m still trying to wrap my brain around the concept of a fridge that isn’t cold enough because a heating element failed.

or if you prefer .. its too hot because the heater quit

apparently the defroster (heater) in the freezer (yeah I know: heater in the freezer) quit some time ago and the resulting ‘frosting over’ caused the cooling system to get its undies in a bunch so it up and quit too.

now, I watched the part get replaced, which was kind of painful, (I’ve seen more active brain cells at a drunk hillbilly convention and better people skills on an episode of COPS) but I’m not entirely convinced this is the solution to the whole problem.

Given that the freezer temp is about 65 degrees F it will likely be a while before we know definitively whether the fridge will come out of its coma or not.

We’ll see. … in the meantime I’m going out in the back yard and drop some apples to see if I can change our orbit