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my best friend

20101013-125144.jpgsnowbear11 100_1677 100_1699 Picture 016 IMG_0114My best friend died in his sleep this morning

R.I.P Bear
April 1, 2001 – July 31, 2013

He kept me sane & gave me purpose through the most difficult decade of my life. May I someday be worthy of his dedication.
I miss him already



bought a new dog leash today. I seem to have misplaced all the others somehow.

Not much info on their website but the label says made by Westminster Pet Products right here in the USA. A portion of the money goes to support the Wounded Warrior Project.

made in the usa – supports the military

win – win


CGD early years ?

found this pic on FaceBook (can’t make the link work)


Looks familiar, I’ve seen that snarl somewhere before….

Long day

Sunshine fresh air and zzZzzzzz

sleep dep

Herr Bear did not react well to the recent forced (more story later) change of diet.


I’ve been wearing out my oppose-able thumbs on the doorknobs pretty much on demand and we’re still going to have to clean the carpet again. The first 3 days I was getting no sleep, and the next 3 I got maybe 2 hours at a time unless KoTHDL was home to work the doorknobs.

Tired enough now that things are getting strange .. well past the ‘too tired to sleep’ stage …

day 2 we had 2 dogs with the runs and every time I turned my back the damn cat would puke. Add in the fact that Bear needed at minimum a partial bath every 45 min and takes 3 hours to dry out…..

so now we have a trip to the vet, a house that you could use in a febreeze commercial and more pills for the magic fuzzy poopin machine.

Today his appetite came back and we began the brushing and untangling phase of what I hope is the final Bear-Cleaning this month.




The brushing of the Bear


Found this old draft post that never got published. He was a shedding champ 🙂

daily Bear

final vet visit for staple removal today.

He does NOT like going to the vet anymore.. I dunno why..

weird, only 4 staples to remove .. sneaky bugger lost one someplace.

now he can scratch all he wants .. well maybe not ALL he wants

next BATH DAY!!

After yours truly gets a good night’s sleep… after 3 weeks of constant vigilance I’m a bit behind on the zzz’s