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at the fair

went to the county fair today
brought back some old memories from my 4-H days

found the Democrats booth where they were giving away $50 ‘just for signing up’

found the Republican booth where they were giving away a flag ‘just for signing up’

the Libertarians left me alone … sign me up

Open Carry Event

via Eastern Iowa Carry [you can find ’em on Facebook]

2 weeks from yesterday we will meet to open carry without contention at Godfathers Pizza Town and Country. Please remember this month is on a TUESDAY not the usual Wednesday. Please invite everyone who says they have something to do on Wednesdays.

if my calculations are correct this means July 23

@ this Godfather’s Pizza

3647 1/2 1ST AVE SE
(319) 363-2127

friday bits & pieces

  • access to the honey-do list is hereby globally revoked
  • beginning the address change process – most likely will no longer be a TX state resident. Interim family project flunky/gopher status.
  • found a rifle I reeeeeeaalllly like … found a price tag I reeeeeaally don’t like
  • truck transmission uses a quart of tranny fluid every 3-500 miles. no evidence of leak.
  • found yet another hospital staffed with power hungry inconsiderate inept morons
  • faced with the possibility that my right front paw including trigger finger will be inop for the foreseeable future
  • beginning off hand training asap / way too late
  • found a new place to go shooting – private range time in 4 hour blocks for 20 bucks less than 10 miles from the gun safe seems like a deal.
  • this spring weather sucks donkey balls
  • The Bear turned 12 last week
  • there’s a bell tower near the church …. could go either way, haven’t decided yet.

tis the season

to be sneezin’

opened all my presents early … a good gift should be something you need and can use


KotHDL and her Mini-Me pulled out all the cookbooks and loaded up the table with all the goodies they could think of, but I had no appetite and the antibiotic induced vomiting kept me out of the buffet line all weekend.


I hope everyone had a better holiday than I did.

proof ain’t in the puddin’

overheard today at the steakhouse

no bacon on that….

say whaaaaaat ???


yup there are aliens among us


Catching up

with almost 3 months spent in www exile I’m a bit behind on current events.


I like corn-fed steak but I’m sure glad someone else is getting up at 5am to make it happen.


in an effort to sorta get caught up on what the cool kids are doin’ I found this:obviously I need to do more shootin’ so I’ve got more interesting stuff to write about

cleanup continues

I headed north a couple weeks back to help DogHouseDan with some of his excess firewood. The [holy crap its raining again, wind, humidity, heat] less than ideal weather continues with floods just northeast of here. However the streets in town are mostly open and I think everyone has power again.. knock on wood

I have some pics to upload but in the meantime here’s a decent article with some video


there was another storm that knocked out power a couple days ago [after we returned the borrowed generator] and there is more debris in the street again today following overnight rains. The last few bits of weather would have been a lot less damaging if all the trees weren’t already wounded. And folks missing bits of their homes tend not to enjoy even a light rain.


more later