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Long day

Sunshine fresh air and zzZzzzzz


my-stat-catcher-o-meter is telling me there might have been …. allegedly …. perhaps maybe …. right here on this lil blog


a visit from LawDog


I’ll need more bait


DoghouseDan is a graduate of the Hank Hill school of propane and propane accessories.



The brushing of the Bear


Found this old draft post that never got published. He was a shedding champ 🙂


It appears to be time for some off-hand firing drills. (see previous post)

Taking some more paperwork down to the VA today. Family caravan down to the ‘big’ city.

New shooters from earlier post/pics have scheduled a return visit for more shooty fun.

Mostly out of touch. I seem to be exploring areas past the technological frontier. Thinking of upgrading my iPhone but the local ‘store’ seems to be out of red solo cups and string.

Anyone know a good app for IRC chat that will work on this POS?

Tore another zipper out of my tent. New improved tent on layaway.

you know the world is messed up when

you get spam emails from the Amish……

proof ain’t in the puddin’

overheard today at the steakhouse

no bacon on that….

say whaaaaaat ???


yup there are aliens among us