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VA & EarlyBirds

Wish me luck. I’m up early and off to the VA for some high tech scans of my sinuses.

Dunno what the big hullabaloo is all about, it has only been 20 years since the military Dr told me I had a chronic sinus condition. Apparently they want to follow up on that every couple decades or so. But, by gum I better not be late for that appointment or all hell will break loose.


It appears to be time for some off-hand firing drills. (see previous post)

Taking some more paperwork down to the VA today. Family caravan down to the ‘big’ city.

New shooters from earlier post/pics have scheduled a return visit for more shooty fun.

Mostly out of touch. I seem to be exploring areas past the technological frontier. Thinking of upgrading my iPhone but the local ‘store’ seems to be out of red solo cups and string.

Anyone know a good app for IRC chat that will work on this POS?

Tore another zipper out of my tent. New improved tent on layaway.

you have one now

Long live the King

VA visit

Going to the DR again, gotta get my game-face on


Dr Benjamin D. Over is tired of writing my prescriptions without getting to use his fancy 10 mile long camera.

There’s a 2 for 1 special today at the Dignity Removal Medical Center.

In other news: I drank what?
I am NOT full of shit, tyvm.

tis the season

to be sneezin’

opened all my presents early … a good gift should be something you need and can use


KotHDL and her Mini-Me pulled out all the cookbooks and loaded up the table with all the goodies they could think of, but I had no appetite and the antibiotic induced vomiting kept me out of the buffet line all weekend.


I hope everyone had a better holiday than I did.

The stupid … It burns

I have 2 (not just 1, but 2) doctor visits today. Why? Well mostly because it’s just not Friday without strangers examining all my private parts and telling me how badly I’m living my life.

Can’t take my sidearm because there’s a totally cool and non compliant ‘no guns allowed’ sign at the door. Which I honor even though they don’t bother to follow the law themselves.

The office staff has already rev’d up the stupid by asking me to sign a permission form, allegedly to allow them to make reminder calls for appointments. Odd, considering they called yesterday even though I’ve signed no form. Even odder (and by odd I mean stupid) considering their form says nothing about reminders but instead reads “release medical information”.

I should really start charging a fee for training up the office staff in these places