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Open Carry Event

via Eastern Iowa Carry [you can find ’em on Facebook]

2 weeks from yesterday we will meet to open carry without contention at Godfathers Pizza Town and Country. Please remember this month is on a TUESDAY not the usual Wednesday. Please invite everyone who says they have something to do on Wednesdays.

if my calculations are correct this means July 23

@ this Godfather’s Pizza

3647 1/2 1ST AVE SE
(319) 363-2127

Range day

Range day!!!! @ SureShot

Who wants to go?


Targets @ 100 & 200 yards
We need better binocs for spotting
Little brother sighting in his EBR


Memorial Day

memorial day

this looks promising

gun attorneys

election year

a few years back I got all hot and bothered about the election. This year I’m just as worked up but I’m not wasting my time trying to discuss it with people. I’m just gonna sit here, drink beer and smile at all the whiners that got everything they deserve.

I figure until I can manage to get the people in my own family to actually read the constitution, attend a city council meeting, or open their bibles outside of church I really don’t need to go knocking on more doors.

I see nothing good coming from this election. I quite honestly see no possible way for ANY result to be accepted nationwide. There will be allegations of tampering and voter fraud, probably all true. There will be riots, vandalism, violence, injury and death. There will be legal battles and I can envision no scenario that has Obama peacefully or voluntarily relinquishing any of the power he’s gained – ever- not this election year or the next one.

In previous years I have researched candidates and presented information supporting my stance. This time I’m keeping that to a minimum. I don’t need much information really. Obama is still ineligible. Romney is a leftwinger that’s doesn’t even have a good disguise. He’d be our worst nightmare leftwing extremist if only the Obama camp hadn’t skewed the grading curve so badly that Mitt ended up on the other side of the middle. Seriously … do we want the country run by a guy that was in charge of Massachusetts? How messed up is THAT state?


Some of the people want to:

  • be left alone,
  • decide things for themselves and
  • do things themselves
  • in order to accomplish things for themselves

and the rest of the people want to:

  • rule other people,
  • decide things for everyone and
  • order servants and subordinates to do things
  • in order to live in luxury off the fruits of others labor.

These two groups can only coexist peacefully if group I is willing to submit to group II. All other solutions involve force.

Group one is not going to submit, at least not en-mass. Some of them will resist.

We’ll call these people group III.

Made in the USA

well, see, I pitched a fit a while back about how my NRA catalog was full of imported stuff.

so today I see this: NRA Store

gotta take my hat off to ’em. There’s a bunch of MADE IN THE USA stuff now.

Good job NRA.