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Some old friends

had a ‘ I remember that’ moment when I stumbled onto this website



bbq ribs

Took KotHDL out for dinner last night at one of my favorite places

Logan’s RoadHouse


bbq ribs and shrimp combo …couple cold beers …..all warm and fuzzy

when you pick up a rib bone off your plate and the meat falls off …..nomnomnom

Christmas BlogMeet

KotHDL and I went out to Campo Verde last night and met up with a few gunnie friends for some holiday cheer.

Many thanks to Bob S. for putting it all together. We hope the Mrs S. is feeling better this morning.

We arrived a bit late, but I have it on good authority (KotHDL grew up in the DFW metro) that Pioneer Parkway was not in the right spot last night.

The food was good, the staff was friendly and helpful (“are y’all here for the Gun-Thing?”) and the lights were bright.

Got to see some old friends again and got to meet some new folks as well. I’m thinking we need to attend more of these meet-ups so I can pick the Gunbloggers out of the crowd quicker, …although in my defense, I was partially blinded by the light and disoriented from the U-turns.

Now, as soon as I can figure out who all was there (I’m terrible with names) and which blog they belong to, I’ll have to do some maintenance and add some names to the ‘Bloggers I’ve met’ sidebar….

Partial list of folks that braved the frigid Texas winter weather last night

The Redneck Engineer



N TX Blog Dinner

reposted from 3 Boxes of BS

Next Sunday at 7 ! Blog Dinner

Posted by Bob S.

Looks like the 23rd wins and we’ll call it 7 p.m. at Campo Verde in Arlington.

The light display really has to be seen to believed so I encourage everyone in the area to come out for this.

Campo Verde

Located:  2918 W. Pioneer Parkway, Arlington, TX 76013
Telephone #  817-275-7003 

Please pass the word and let’s have a large turn out. I’m looking forward to it.


Mrs Sci-fi baked some home-made brownies. But I live too far away.

I had to go to Ghengis Grill for these.



DoghouseDan is a graduate of the Hank Hill school of propane and propane accessories.


proof ain’t in the puddin’

overheard today at the steakhouse

no bacon on that….

say whaaaaaat ???


yup there are aliens among us