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2 good days in a row

yesterday found a nice gunshop within spittin’ distance of the house


they actually know how to spell CZ-USA


they didn’t piss off KotHDL. Most of the shooty-shops around these parts can’t seem to deal with girls and she’s tired of having snubby revolvers pushed across the counter at her by creepy guys that can’t remember the model number she just referenced in her question. Ladies, I didn’t check it out personally, but it must be nice, she even used the potty.

Today she made me get up early and go to the county sportsman’s club for new member orientation and swap meet/gun show…

I might just buy her the gun she keeps asking for.


If she’s nice to me



department of education department


“sir, we don’t need to know the amount, we just need to know how much it is”

“sir the IRS has different definitions about taxable income than we do, here we use our own criteria”

“sir the amount you actually get from them is not the same as the amount they give you.”


and before y’all say it … that WAS the supervisor…


Sir I can see here in your file where you sent us the documentation last year…

its the same

yes sir so if you could just send us the one for this year

its the same one

right just send it to the address on the form

you already have it right there in front of you .. its the exact same piece of paper

no sir, we need the one for THIS year

its the same one why do i need to send you something you already have?

and around and around we go ….




today’s project is to visit as many pro-gun/pro RKBA websites as possible

just to see if the trend I’ve noticed over the last few days continues

See, my webroot antivirus seems to just sit and watch as I surf the wwweb until I try to go to a gunnie site and then it often pops up with a warning about suspicious activity on the website. It’s just a hunch but I’m willing to bet that the OutsideTheMetro county gun club isn’t in the identity theft business. Webroot also failed to snag a phishing for passwords email yesterday that was fairly well disguised as  an official wells fargo email account alert. Lucky me I have no wells fargo account and so was not fooled. However webroot continues to disappoint.

no good deed

yay welcome home to me

friday the idiot nurse at the dr office waited all day until 4:59 and called in the wrong meds AGAIN. The Pharmacist finally said screw it and tried to fill it anyway after looking at the history (which includes the previously recorded do-overs with the idiot nurse) only to discover they are sold out. perfect, now it’s Friday evening and I still have no meds, no prescription and people are closing up shop left and right.

then the domestic drama filled weekend from hell….

followed by AT&T refusing to take our money and turning off the phones, which is kind of an interesting fiscal policy imo, and seriously impedes my ability to un-pile the stack of shit that is on my to-do list. Not their best move after bitching about my recent ‘off network’ usage when I was out of the metro.


not the worst weekend ever but definitely top 10

Overheard at the VA

“I’m at lunch, I don’t know!”

new record

this has been perhaps the single most frustrating day ever created

apple tech support tells me that software is not a product and as such is not supported but if i happen to have any random serial number on an actual piece of hardware even if it is unrelated to the current difficulty then they can help me. help of course means spending 6 hours copying files from one piece of hardware to another just so i can import it into their craptastic unsupported monopolistic piece of shit non-product software ..uh,  i mean just uninstall, delete it all and start over.

3 phone calls, 2 emails and counting.

mastercard tells me 2 of my cards have been compromised in some sort of security breach possibly as far back as 18 months.

my card issuing banks tell me it is an ongoing investigation and there is no additional information available at this time.

so no doubt i will unknowingly take my remaining card and go do business with the same cornhole merchant buddy fucking store that has bent me over 5 times already in the last 6 months

6 phone calls, 1 email and counting

there is a new nurse at the endocrinologists office and i had to get some sort of modern communication device to connect the dr office and the pharmacy in a semblance of real-time communications today so that i could get my insulin prescriptions renewed – there being no refills available on the current Rx.

7 phone calls, 2 trips to the pharmacy, 3 faxes

Dairy Queen’s current hired handicapped apparently doesn’t get the fact when one orders a triple cheeseburger in order to drown one’s sorrows and frustration in a juicy greasy American tradition there better be some damned cheese on it when the large homicidally crabby man gets home and unwraps it.

and if that isn’t enough…. today is the day I celebrate another birthday of the little girl I’ve never met because her selfish conniving bitch mother waited 10 years to tell me she was born. I’ll go to the store at some point and buy another gift, throw it in the giant box in storage and watch it rot with all the others I’m not allowed to send her.

sigh .. gonna go pick up dog poo for a bit

the daily bear

a couple days ago commenter and pal Rabbit was kind enough to throw the term Diabetes Insipidus into the air.  I did a wwwsearch and found out some basic info, printed some of it out and hopped into the truck for today’s visit to the local veterinarian.

luckily the office was kind of slow today so there was plenty of time for them to read the printout and the doc got out the old test results and the new test results and the BIG BOOK of ANIMAL MEDICINE. We all snuck off into one of the exam rooms and read thru the section pertaining to DI and did some Q & A about tests, more tests, meds, more meds, money and other nuts n bolts.

in a nutshell the numbers that are involved with doing all the testing that hasn’t already been done alarmed the doc.. who didn’t even tell me the ballpark figure but referred to it once as ‘cost prohibitive’ and went on to plan B without missing a beat.

the plan B involves a trial run of meds to see if the Bear has a favorable reaction to the treatment. So we got on the phone with the pharmacy and ordered a weeks worth. Since the doc is pretty up to date on my financial situation, they discussed alternative meds and sources for meds to try and keep the cost down while she had them on the phone.

On the plus side we might have a diagnosis and that would be good. Regardless of the result, knowing is better than not knowing and atm we’re not treating the chronic thirst issue at all. If the treatment involves expensive daily maintenance meds for the Bear we could have a whole new problem.

For the first time since forever a Vet is telling me he’s under-weight and needs to put on a few pounds.  So I got the go ahead to add some vitamins and things to his diet and he’s perked up a bit. Not back to his old self by any means but noticeably better.