things that go click

I need a 1911 tech guru

I recently swapped out the mainspring housing on my 1911 S&W… added an arch to make it more user friendly

finally got around to the range to do some more shooting a couple days ago and made an interesting discovery, well 2 actually.

my 10 round magazines have decided to not feed properly so now there are a couple shiny pieces of debris out in the corn field. … they were cheap when I got ’em, so not a huge surprise or loss.

the significant discovery is that while the stock mags feed just fine, the first hammer drop after a mag swap has no earth shattering kaboom. After about 6 or 7 of those, I gathered up the rounds with scuffed primers and refilled a magazine. First round click, with all the rest feeding and firing perfectly.

I can’t see any reason for the hammer to have less force on the first drop than it does on all the others.

Any ideas?

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