friday bits & pieces

  • access to the honey-do list is hereby globally revoked
  • beginning the address change process – most likely will no longer be a TX state resident. Interim family project flunky/gopher status.
  • found a rifle I reeeeeeaalllly like … found a price tag I reeeeeaally don’t like
  • truck transmission uses a quart of tranny fluid every 3-500 miles. no evidence of leak.
  • found yet another hospital staffed with power hungry inconsiderate inept morons
  • faced with the possibility that my right front paw including trigger finger will be inop for the foreseeable future
  • beginning off hand training asap / way too late
  • found a new place to go shooting – private range time in 4 hour blocks for 20 bucks less than 10 miles from the gun safe seems like a deal.
  • this spring weather sucks donkey balls
  • The Bear turned 12 last week
  • there’s a bell tower near the church …. could go either way, haven’t decided yet.

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