sold out

Anyone know where there is a .45 LC / .410Ga revolver on the shelf for sale?

Today’s google-fu gets me mostly ‘sold out’ pages.


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  1. Try Best Way Sales in Springfield , CO Herb usually has a couple around , but you might not much like his price structure . Worth a google and a call though .

  2. not sure where you’re located.. Red Ghost in Evansville IN had a taurus variety as well as the new Smith in stock on Friday, but he’s a small shop, and doesn’t have the time / inclination to ship….

  3. Mulligan,

    Might try the FB ‘gun trader’ pages or
    I haven’t seen one on a shelf; anything in particular you are looking for?

  4. thx y’all. I’ll pass those links along. Currently have a couple friends shopping in Iowa for those.

  5. Scheel’s in Cedar Falls, Iowa. Talk to Blake.

  6. Adventure Outfitters in Winterville NC.

    Ask for Steve.

  7. found a S&W governor at a swap shop in the city. Approx $900 over my buddy’s budget 😦

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