here we go again

I’ve been gone a while. Hard to find new stuff that doesn’t either add to my frustration or depression. Usually someone else posts it and does a better job of it anyway.

Family stuff is pretty much calmed down, my winter cough has been taken to the new DR and springtime is here.

Blog-shoots are coming up and gun shows need to be visited.

Gotta do my permit renewal soon and get back to doing some training.

Added some new links to the blogroll and should do some more spring cleaning on the sidebars.


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  1. Mulligan,

    Even if someone else says it better – say it anyways. Several reasons; it gets your message out. Remember Silence = Consent. — Don’t be silent on issues you care about.
    2nd – it lets others know they are not alone. While some may say it; it is better if many are saying it. Strength in numbers and all.
    Lastly; you may say something, trigger some connection that others didn’t. That is important. A unique way of phrasing, a different view helps people see the issues differently.

    Contact me at if you need someone to do your permit renewal. Might have to travel to my section of the Metroplex but cost is usually low πŸ™‚

    Hope you and yours can make the Blog shoot. Gonna be a fun Time and party !!

  2. agreed, all true. πŸ™‚ Just really frustrates me to find so many flag waving ‘conservatives’ with the same logic patterns as rabid liberals.

    Excellent!! Nice to have a friend in the right place. I need to find a class, KotHDL needs her permit and I need to renew.

    Looking forward to the BlogShoot, We miss too many of those things.

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