sleep dep

Herr Bear did not react well to the recent forced (more story later) change of diet.


I’ve been wearing out my oppose-able thumbs on the doorknobs pretty much on demand and we’re still going to have to clean the carpet again. The first 3 days I was getting no sleep, and the next 3 I got maybe 2 hours at a time unless KoTHDL was home to work the doorknobs.

Tired enough now that things are getting strange .. well past the ‘too tired to sleep’ stage …

day 2 we had 2 dogs with the runs and every time I turned my back the damn cat would puke. Add in the fact that Bear needed at minimum a partial bath every 45 min and takes 3 hours to dry out…..

so now we have a trip to the vet, a house that you could use in a febreeze commercial and more pills for the magic fuzzy poopin machine.

Today his appetite came back and we began the brushing and untangling phase of what I hope is the final Bear-Cleaning this month.




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  1. Oh man, sorry to hear that! Hopefully the last set of pills WILL work!

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