new n improved

I finally broke down and added some flair

thanks to Walter Zoomie’s World for the fancy background and the III artwork

enjoy it while it lasts …I might decide to change it tomorrow


Posted on May 7, 2012, in bloggy stuff. Bookmark the permalink. 6 Comments.

  1. Nice background. I need to lock my shit up better, apparently. 😀

  2. Oops. Sorry about the cussing if you are sensitive to that. I just read your sidebar. I can be uncivil at times.

  3. well, i was piddling around with the layout, trying to dress it up a bit around here, it was pretty plain till recently. Bounced over to your place via wirecutter’s (fuck obama!) and saw the display of III% stuff you were giving away and borrowed a couple to see what it would look like .. got more comments this week than i usually get in a month. The fans are happy ( i had 3 but 1 wandered off) and I sent a couple folks your way for inspiration. Hell, if i’d known some curtains would liven the place up like this i’d have done it a long time ago Then again, visitors tend to drink up all the beer, so maybe not. Thinking of putting up a header or footer graphic if i can find someone that does that sort of shit.

  4. I might know a guy who can do header and footer graphics…
    How computer savvy are you? If I start talking bmp and png and pixels, will you go full-bore retard, or will you know what I’m talking about? 😉
    Give me some of your ideas, and I’ll. whip something up…but prolly not until after the Hoosier terror festival.

  5. Computer Savvy? A- / B+. I’m certified on hardware and networks but not up on current tech. I speak the language and I know the different file types and whatnot. Except for this page all my web design was in HTML 4.

  6. Then you are a helluva lot more “savvy” than me, brother. Hit me up and let me know what you’d like.

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