apathy again

I’ve been trying to get the locals’ attention long enough to stir up some interest in some of the recent activity coming out of D.C.

Have you heard about Senate bill X.Y. ?
huh? Senate? What?

Did you know the new executive order signed last week makes such n such legal now?
He can? What? When?

Ladies and Gentlemen ….

The Zombie Apocalypse is upon us. I firmly believe we’ll get more response from potential voters by asking “Wan fries w’ dat?” The masses are so mindwhipped all they can do is wander around in a fog of misinformation and off topic slander. Seriously, if someone were to answer me with more than 2 syllables I’d likely have to up my meds again. An entire sentence with real information about an actual current event would probably make me write in the poor bastard on the next ballot I see. There will be millions of voters going to the polls in a zombie trance. Wake up. Wake up while we still get to vote.

300,000,000 ish – US population

3% of that is 9,000,000 …… Talk to your friends, family, strangers,….. talk to everyone about our Constitution, before it is too late.


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  1. Good point and good advice.

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