Tidbits in Exile

bad news:
-back in Iowa visiting family again. I hate Iowa. No that’s not accurate, I don’t mind Iowa, just the ‘poke your nose into everybody’s business – keep watch on your neighbors’ mentality that prevails there.
-another family reunion funeral.

good news:
-there’s a new gun store in town.
-the winter has been mild and we’ve been doing a good amount of shooting out at the farm.
-I’ve figured out how to make airborne clay targets break between the thrower and the ground.

shopping for:
-a low cost ‘starter’ type shotgun for shooting clays (and maybe even some real hunting)
-small bumper pull style camper
-arched mainspring housing to replace the flat one in my S&W 1911

other misc news:
-I’ve figured out how to make my shoulder ache for nearly a week at a time.
-I’m helping* renovate a new church  build a church (someone decided to tear down a load bearing wall without removing the load first).

*I’m not much help really, but I can: 1)fetch tools and snacks, 2)create a decent chair out of a bucket and scrap lumber, 3)pick up nails and broken glass without tasting them (who brings a toddler to a construction site?) 4)add some comic relief, 5)bitch about the government and other random idiocy, 6) and point out additional load bearing walls, while other people climb ladders.


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  1. Do what you can do, and thanks for helping on the Church! 🙂 And you can’t go wrong with an 870…

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