Next on the list

I’ve started noticing my pile of ammo, magazines, targets, bags, boxes etc

NEEEED a gun safe

I’ve got my handguns and a family heirloom rifle and KotHDL has plans to get a carry gun and something else to shoot for variety. We’ve also got all the inventory from her son’s collection while he’s deployed overseas.

NEEED a gun safe

so we looked around the house, picked out a location and with the dimensions of the space in mind began shopping around, researching and watching sales fliers.

the current front runner is made by Winchester and carried by Tractor Supply Co. (which is where we got our new Char-Griller). I like doing business there and they have layaway so its easier to work bigger things into our budget.


Posted on November 28, 2011, in firearms. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. Get a hefty one. I had a friend get robbed and they simply took the whole safe out of the house on a dolly. Don’t know if they got it open but they were still gone.

  2. Mine is in a hidden spot and lag bolted to floor and wall, from the inside of course. But yes you could remove most any safe with a dolly and enough help..

  3. Agree with Brigid… and if possible have it not in plain sight.

  4. A safe will only buy time. Given tools and enough time, they can be opened or removed. A heavy safe might deter the lazy, or the ill equipped thief, but a professional could be inside the very best gunsafe in less than an hour, given tools and a bit of muscle.

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