department of education department


“sir, we don’t need to know the amount, we just need to know how much it is”

“sir the IRS has different definitions about taxable income than we do, here we use our own criteria”

“sir the amount you actually get from them is not the same as the amount they give you.”


and before y’all say it … that WAS the supervisor…


Sir I can see here in your file where you sent us the documentation last year…

its the same

yes sir so if you could just send us the one for this year

its the same one

right just send it to the address on the form

you already have it right there in front of you .. its the exact same piece of paper

no sir, we need the one for THIS year

its the same one why do i need to send you something you already have?

and around and around we go ….



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  1. Oh that just truly sucks… sigh…

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