packin’ up n headin’ out

All my crap is in the truck. Now that the wind has died down I can actually sort and pack neatly. The wind was gusting around 20mph according to the weather moron, est 40mph if you were actually outside. Not the best time to be folding tents or parachutes.
Apparently the tent of many holes was not staked down well enough to compensate for the rain, mud and gophers doing their best to make the soil nice and loose.
If anyone is interested in a well used tent I can probably arrange a viewing anywhere southeast of here, ST Louis or Memphis maybe.

The Bear is feeling well enough that he actually contemplated a tailgate leap. Common sense kicked in and he discarded the idea but not before I saw him squat and prep for a jump. He is getting around much better and since everyone up here is cat tolerant, he has re-discovered the joy of ‘Get the Kitty’. He can’t catch ’em but they don’t know that and its fun to make ’em run.

I, on the other hand, will be seeing the chiropractor yet again (I miss massages). Having one’s legs go numb while driving is bad, cruise control has no brake button.

Anyone along I-35 [Des Moines -> Ft Worth] know some good burger joints?


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  1. Sorry about the massage thing, friend. Hope the chiro helps you!

  2. they’re pretty good about working me in whenever I break myself…. i just live too far to visit the office very often.

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