what to do

helping those that helped me

trip to the scrapyard – check
47 bazillion old tires and wheels sorted and piled – check
lawnmower shed moved – check
new wall for the well-house – check
trees trimmed – check
trash burned – check
spray-on sealer for the tent of many holes – check and check (1 wasn’t enough – emphasis on ‘many’)
bottle of ammonia, super-soaker variant, and pure raging hatred for tom-cats – check
found low dollar source for the bear meds woohoooo!!

there is talk of digging out a basement wall and tearing down a garage…but it’s gonna be 30 deg tonight so I may have to reassess the timeline and RTB where it is warm and cozy.

no internet here and AT&T is bitching about something they call ‘off network’ usage… sounds a lot like what used to be called ‘roaming’ but whatever. The local public library was kind enough to give up the super sekret password for their wi-fi which allows me to get email from the parking lot even when they are closed, so the phone co. should get off my back about ‘usage’.


Posted on September 14, 2011, in Lawn & Garden, pets, weather. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. Hang in there, things WILL improve 🙂 And libraries and librarians ARE good folk as long as they perceive you’re a good guy!

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