better late than never

blogroll additions as a result of the recent gathering at PhlemPhest

I dunno if they didn’t see me coming in time to escape or what, but they let me in and hung around and even gave me fooood. Not that crap you buy in stores either, real down home fooood that gets assembled in your home (or someone else’s). The kind of food that is juicy and dripping with hot from the kitchen goodness. Not the kind of omg I can’t believe I got that on my clothes juicy .. but the infinitely better I think I can reach that last little bit with my tongue juicy.

New folks I got to meet for the first time:

Rumor has it there was a Tolewyn sighting but since we weren’t introduced Tole goes into the bloggers I’ve seen but not met group. (There was only one person running around that I didn’t have a name to go with so I’m betting it was him)

Also got to meet Non-Blogging, lobster bearing SciFi & MrsFi

Hopefully I got all the names and nicknames and websites and urls and all matched up ok. I’m horrible with names and as Holly gently reminded me, my memory ain’t what it once was.

I was able to introduce KotHDL to the crowd and my Pappy happened to be in town to help with some new-house projects, so he got to meet bloggers he’s been reading too.

all in all a really good time. My thanks to our hosts for opening their home to us all.


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  1. [yawn] post tonight actual changes to the ‘roll tomorrow
    Pappy made lasagna…. tummy full…. zzzzzz

  2. Amen to that, it was great to meet all of y’all 🙂

  3. Was wonderful to see you again. And meet your dad and KotHDL

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