Sigh …. still moving

as promised I’ve got a follow up to the ‘WE’ mentioned repeatedly in the previous post

Let it be known I have become voluntarily (<—this is a key point) subject to the laws of the Honey-Do system.

My friend BoB S. over at 3 Boxes of BS uses the phrase:

She Who Lets Me Make Her Coffee Every Morning

and the shorter version:


to refer to the lady in his life. I could do worse than follow that pattern.

The She that makes Me an Us will be known henceforth as the Keeper of the Honey-Do List (since her employer would probably become her unemployer if any official association with DoOver became public knowledge).

for those of you inclined to track my our progress, we are someplace between relationship and Relationship.

We both have issues with cohabitation prior to capitalization (see previous) but there was a window of opportunity (read really really good mortgage rate) available property in the good school system, a shorter commute for work (hers), no hour long drive for home-cooked meals (mine) and a handful of other perks, not the least of which is one set of utilities vs. two.


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  1. Wish y’all the best on that- Sounds like a win for everybody!

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