where oh where

where have I been

ugh.. where to start… hmm oh yeah .. I HATE MOVING. Hate hate hate it. With a passion that burns so hot the cardboard boxes begin to smoke when I pick them up. Moving with drama? worse even. I’d rather be a demonstrator dummy at an airport security checkpoint.

they put the rubber gloves on and then search you here, and here …..

on the plus side this is the first actual home-house … as in mortgage payment instead of rent payment. I’d say we (more on that later) own it but that would just make the banker giggle.

HOLY CRAP … how many trees have to die to create all that mortgage paperwork? Unreal. Seriously, how can there be a use for all that paper? We used a fax machine and email every chance we got and there still had to be paper copy for each of the seven dwarves.

I’m sure gas will go down as soon as I’m done traipsing back and forth with my truck loads of valuables dusty junk I haven’t thrown away yet. Oh yeah ..and you folks enjoying the driest spring EVER in North Texas … see that rain ? you’re welcome.

Bear continues to get better; he has enough energy to play again. He can jump up onto the couch or into the truck occasionally. We continue to fight infections and are slowly catching up on the vet bills finally. yay. Now looking into muscle therapy to help with the degeneration over the last couple years. Although that may come back on its own if I just get off my ass and walk him around the block once in a while. He still gets the shakes but I think, judging by the fact he hasn’t fallen over recently, its already improving.

Sure am glad we built that new storage shed, the one with no wheels, the one that’s 6 inches too wide to move without a permit … right before I move … to a yard that’s too small. FAAAK


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  1. New digs! Great news! Very glad to hear that Bear is feeling better.

    Welcome back.

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