I’m NOT telling you

We live pretty much on the fringe of small-town. Meaning, that we live at the border where people and critters go to war at dusk over possession of the garbage and small shiny things and crawlspaces under the house.

I was sitting near one of the local LE folks one night at a BBQ of sorts and I mentioned in passing that we on the fringe have been seeing larger critters than normal and they don’t seem intimidated by bipedal folks the way they used to. Mr LE chokes down some free ribs and wonders out loud whereabouts I hang my hat.

I point towards the pasture / woods / creek and hand him some potato salad while I mention carrying my rifle the next time I walk the dog so I have a sporting chance in my own yard.

ME:  I assume there is some sort of  discharging a weapon in the city limits rule, yes?

LE:  Hmm, he says .. whut kind of rifle n ammo y’got ?

ME:  .22 LR .. I don’t wanna shoot through the neighbors house or the neighbors steers… while I may not care a rat’s ass about the neighbors, their property has some value I expect.

LE:  Well, I am most definitely NOT telling you to shoot varmints late at night after everyone has gone to sleep. AND, I am NOT telling you to use a small caliber round so’s not to wake folks up, .22LR for instance. AND, I am NOT telling you to dig a hole and bury dead varmints where they won’t be dug up by other varmints.

Just saying.. pass them baked beans over here ifn y’would please .. thx


I love Texas.


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