I’m really a big advocate of the “do what you want just don’t get it on me” philosophy and I don’t really care what cult religion you claim to follow.

If your complaint consists of:  I couldn’t read it. It made me physically ill…

You’re an idiot. Seriously, how can you complain about something you didn’t read? Are you in Congress? Give me a break, you didn’t READ it, how can it have any effect on you at all?

If you can’t discuss your cult faith with family and friends without demanding blind acceptance and total agreement of everyone in the discussion…

You’re an idiot.  And apparently REEEEEEAAAALLY secure in your faith, not. Are you in Congress?

If your best argument consists of: my sources are better because I found better sources.

If your best response is: Well of course it doesn’t make sense, I condensed it so it would make sense.

You’re an idiot. Any novice student of logic or common sense can see the non-logic there, considering those textbook examples of fallacious logic.

If you turn your back on your oldest friend because he’s having a prolonged crisis of faith and then take your ball and run home crying when someone points out that God is giving you an opportunity to help someone (and pretty much telling you to go forth and do so)…

You’re an idiot, a poor friend and a really sad example of your brand of Christianity cult.


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