Texas women

Conversation at the girl scout cookie stand as mom counts out change

Me: Aww that ain’t right. They don’t get to use their math skills.

Mom: the council won’t let ’em handle money but we make ’em tell us how much.

Me: won’t let?

Mom: yeah they don’t want people stealing the money pouch from the little girls

Me: what kind of person would …

Mom: really. What kind of jerk…

Me: … should be able to drop ’em at 50 yards and just leave ’em for the police to pick up

Mom: yep should be a merit badge for that…..

I love Texas

Posted on March 5, 2011, in crime, firearms, parenting. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. LOL! Love it. And there should be a merit badge for that

  2. Would that be the marksmanship merit badge, or the Crime Droppers merit badge? Or would it be a two-fer activity?

  3. i think marksmanship would be paper targets at the practice range … crime droppers would be the advanced practical application badge :))

  4. Don’t laugh, this week while doing some reloading in my basement, I was listening to the police scanner. I live in Chicago so it’s always nonstop. One of our african american citizens robbed some girl scouts that had a table set up at a grocery store. Just took the money jar and ran off. Robbing the girl scouts. WTF. Anyway cool blog.

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