new record

this has been perhaps the single most frustrating day ever created

apple tech support tells me that software is not a product and as such is not supported but if i happen to have any random serial number on an actual piece of hardware even if it is unrelated to the current difficulty then they can help me. help of course means spending 6 hours copying files from one piece of hardware to another just so i can import it into their craptastic unsupported monopolistic piece of shit non-product software ..uh,  i mean just uninstall, delete it all and start over.

3 phone calls, 2 emails and counting.

mastercard tells me 2 of my cards have been compromised in some sort of security breach possibly as far back as 18 months.

my card issuing banks tell me it is an ongoing investigation and there is no additional information available at this time.

so no doubt i will unknowingly take my remaining card and go do business with the same cornhole merchant buddy fucking store that has bent me over 5 times already in the last 6 months

6 phone calls, 1 email and counting

there is a new nurse at the endocrinologists office and i had to get some sort of modern communication device to connect the dr office and the pharmacy in a semblance of real-time communications today so that i could get my insulin prescriptions renewed – there being no refills available on the current Rx.

7 phone calls, 2 trips to the pharmacy, 3 faxes

Dairy Queen’s current hired handicapped apparently doesn’t get the fact when one orders a triple cheeseburger in order to drown one’s sorrows and frustration in a juicy greasy American tradition there better be some damned cheese on it when the large homicidally crabby man gets home and unwraps it.

and if that isn’t enough…. today is the day I celebrate another birthday of the little girl I’ve never met because her selfish conniving bitch mother waited 10 years to tell me she was born. I’ll go to the store at some point and buy another gift, throw it in the giant box in storage and watch it rot with all the others I’m not allowed to send her.

sigh .. gonna go pick up dog poo for a bit

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  1. Holy SHIT, dude. Just caught this post 14 days later. I’d still buy your drinks for you after a day like that. Hope the last two weeks have seen an improvement.


  2. heh thx someone would have to buy my drinks … cuz my MasterCard is fubar’d

    got my new cards in the mail, pharmacy has most of the paperwork they need, and Jack in the Box makes a bigger greasier cheeseburger so things aren’t stuck at rock bottom.

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