millions n billions

ok the millionaires and billionaires in the NFL/NBA/MLB are all having their annual? periodic issues with how much money is enough money….. i don’t care

let me explain..

I don’t buy their jackets or hats anymore, I don’t play their game anymore, sometimes I watch their product on the tv when i can’t find some wet paint to watch dry instead. For the most part the people involved in sports that get the face time in the conventional media are ego driven spoiled crude selfish rich brats who can’t write well enough to sign their own deposit slips at the bank or drive sober long enough to get there.

anyway’s muse was on the radio expounding about how some 26 year old kid (which pisses me off, no one over 18 is a kid) has only 6-8 years to earn an income, essentially because he will be all broken, or used up or just too old to ‘play’ anymore.

Fuck that crap.

until some 26 year old that thumbed his nose at a free college education (that the rest of us have to pay for) to go earn millions of dollars playing a game and pushing 200 dollar cross trainers at kids that don’t have enough to eat – uh im sorry .. i meant to say 26 yr old role-model…..gets shot at on that field of ‘battle’ or steps on a friggin land mine, I don’t really want to hear how they need more money to survive on after their career is over due to injury.

the majority of the lower enlisted military live below the poverty level ( for those of you with limited math skills that essentially means a trip for 2 to the superbowl is more than a full year’s salary ), don’t get endorsement deals of any kind, often have to survive on disability income (which hasn’t had a cost of living increase in 3 years now), and sure as hell doesn’t have a union looking out for them and their families.

oh wait….

the congress and the president are supposed to be looking out for them

sorry, they must have forgotten to do that, what with all the professional athletes that need their money counted and their urine tasted tested again this year.


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