water dog

about 3 weeks ago now we all woke up and the Bear wasn’t thirsty anymore.

I mean no more thirsty than any other normal dog is thirsty. His chronic u-with-the-thumbs-buy-me-a-bigger-bowl thirst seemed to have evaporated overnight.

Apparently the current combo of meds is good enough to keep him kicking for the near future and I can get sleep in chunks bigger than 2 hours again.

We did change his food to a ‘senior’ instead of a ‘large breed’ and the vet changed his heartworm preventative so now we begin the process of eliminating variables and tweaking dosages. I still hope we can identify the actual cause. Now that the treatment appears to be working we have time to chase the problem…. seems backwards to me but better than doing an autopsy.

He gets up and plays with his toys and even the other animals now. There’s a sparkle in his eye I haven’t seen since springtime. He’s still got bad knees and hips but its good to see him up and running …er…walking again.

Thanks to everyone for the prayers/candles/kind thoughts/suggestions


Posted on January 8, 2011, in pets. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. Man, I am glad to hear that! Great news; I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed…

  2. So glad to hear the Bear is doin’ better. I just hate it when one of my dawgbabies is feelin’ poorly.

  3. Woo-HOO! Go, Bear! 🙂

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