movies by mulligan – true grit

seriously, this may be the worst movie I’ve ever seen in my life.

ok I’m willing to give a nod to the lil gal that played Mattie Ross. She pretty much stole the show. 2nd place goes to the horse-trader auctioneer guy who actually manages to argue back for a bit before he gives up. Little Blackie the pony comes in 3rd for one of the best death scenes in recent memory.

Jeff Bridges once again manages to utter every line like he’s got a mouth full of week old socks and just to keep things fair Matt Damon’s character bit his tongue in half early on.

There were flashes of good things but at least half the non Mattie Ross dialogue came across like it was being read off a broken teleprompter by a BubbaGump robot with a word of the day calendar.

Everyone else I’ve talked to seemed to like it but I suspect the Duke is probably tryin to dig his way out of his grave so he can pound some sense into people that remake movies.

This is the first time ever I’ve actually wished for crying babies and ringing phones during a movie. Hopefully that will be on the DVD special bonus feature list.

If you really want to go see True ShGrit the remake, take people you don’t like.

1/2 a paw


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  1. Wow, did we see the same movie?! This is normally not at all the kind of movie Silver and I would go see, but we both really liked it and enjoyed it. We loved the dialog, which was mostly taken directly from the novel (which the filmmakers much more faithfully followed than the makers of the earlier movie, fyi…). I highly recommend this movie…but I guess this is one movie Mulligan and I won’t be watching together on DVD! LOL.

  2. I suspect the makers were attempting to adhere to some source material or ideal of which I’m unaware. The dialogue was just too odd and forced in places for it to be anything but on purpose. In places it flowed well and the movie became instantly captivating but more often than not it was stilted, out of place and the cadence was often reminiscent of a poorly educated person reading out loud.

  3. I am so glad someone else hated this movie. When I read other reviews I thought I must have been in the wrong theatre. I have been going to movies forever and would say, without a doubt, it was the absolute worst movie I have ever seen. Thanks Mulligan – I gave it Zero.

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