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anyone know a good way to sync a laptop with a desktop?


Posted on December 20, 2010, in tech stuff. Bookmark the permalink. 6 Comments.

  1. If they are on a LAN there is a a utility I use called XXCopy that works great.

    You can launch it from a BAT file with switch setting / parameters that only copy what has been changed (newest files only), laptop to desktop and back again if you wish.

    To keep this simple I put all files in subfolders under a single directory – including the Outlook’s .PST files so email files are synchronized as well.

  2. Get rid of the desktop 🙂

    OK, seriously, wait, that was serious. But, if that’s not an option it would help with the advice if you were to define ‘sync’. That could mean anything from near duplicate hard drives to just having the same files in your documents folder. How much and what exactly do you want to sync? And why?

  3. I was thinking I can use a thumbdrive for any ‘mydocs’ that need portability so that’s not a huge issue.

    email inbox is also do-able just by keeping a copy on the server when I fetch from the laptop. That way I’ll have all my archived emails in one spot on the desktop.

    my primary concerns are webbookmarks and address book contacts. If I could find a way to push data from my iphone to the laptop that would be ideal.

    I’m just trying to avoid layers of import/export since I’m already exporting from firefox to IE to iphone.

    I suspect I’ll just start using the desktop as a backup storage in case of catastrophic failure in the portable devices and use the LT for all daily activity. Kinda sad to put a quad core proc and 8 gigs of ram ‘on the shelf’ but I think that’s the best solution atm. If I can find a simple way to make it work, with 700 gigs free space it could serve as a backup for all the other laptops in the family as well as mine.

  4. Give “Tonido” a try, that way you can use your desktop as a “cloud server” computer to host all your documents.

  5. I’m so not the person to ask that. . but I wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas.


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