the daily Bear

the good news = test results are in. Herr Bear does not have Diabetes Insipidus

the bad news = Herr Bear does not have Diabetes Insipidus. Meaning we still don’t know what is broken. He is responding to the DI meds somewhat so he’s got plenty of pills n stuff to keep me busy.

The bad news = more pills n more bills. yech.

The Really REAALLY Good news = a ‘Friend of the Bear’ has stepped up and helped us out with a goodly chunk the vet bills which is really awesome in more ways than I can count. She always stops by here Anonymously so I won’t post her name. I say ‘Friend of the Bear’ cuz he’s a lot more lovable than I. (Also when I said ‘no’ she said ‘it’s for HIM it isn’t for YOU so shut up’.) This might be a technical violation of ‘shut up’ but oh well stuff happens.

Misc Bear news. He still wants to jump into the truck on his own and on the moon he could probably pull it off. The old boy just hasn’t got the springs in his paws like he used to and even getting out of the cab is a hard landing nowadays.

Bear loves this weather .. if it would snow a bit he would love it even more.

Now that he’s semi-retired he’s taken up drooling as a full time hobby just to keep busy.

Bear loves the kids. Bear loves the Halloween (He went as a werewolf puppy again this year. If you’ve seen him you know why). Bear loves the candy and cupcakes and knows I can’t watch all the kids all the time. So the Bear has the poopscoots till all the treats get out of his system.

All in all …. still old and tired but doing better. Ty all for the well wishes


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  1. Give Bear the head scratches for me. I’d help with vet bills in a heartbeat if I could. Unfortunately, all I can send is my love.

  2. TY Jennifer, will do. 🙂

    oh just fyi, I got into the storage shed today and started cleaning spiders off the camping gear…

  3. Well boo.

    I wonder if the vet schools at OSU or A&M would take a look at him? Your vet may know, but I don’t know about any costs, but it would likely be less than any of the DFW area veterinary referral clnics.


  4. I’m still trying to clarify exactly how they determined that it isn’t DI. He has all the symptoms and has improved steadily with the meds. Maybe there is a secret handshake or something that he doesn’t know?

    I guess since further diagnosis seems to come with a price tag the size of a new car, for the time being I’ll settle for ‘improving steadily’.

    Thx again for all the good info Rabbit.

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