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Found a nice bunch of info for first time shooters about choosing a range and selecting a shooting buddy/ instructor over at Girls ❤ Guns and GG was nice enough to link us up.

Her posts reminded me of a couple things we should all be aware of, especially female shooters.

my comment @ Girls ❤ Guns

When you have your shooting buddy, instructor, experienced family member, or friend going with you to the range for your first visit make sure they know it is your first visit. If they do not start off with a serious chat about safety, terminology and range rules they are not the person to look to for advice and education about guns and shooting.

Responsible shooters are focused on safety and education and will always talk before they let you pick up a firearm.


a quick note about shouting, you mentioned it above and I personally know people who have problems every time someone raises their voice. The range officer will NEED to shout. They are not angry, Guns are loud, the area may be large and everyone will be wearing some form of hearing protection. When giving instructions the person will have to get everyone’s attention and will regularly be forced to shout in order to do so. Discuss it with your instructor before the range visit and they will help you find ways to minimize the problem. Deaf people shoot too.

also, for you ladies especially, remember touching you is not necessary. Occasionally range officers will tap you on the shoulder to get your attention but that is all. Everything else (stance, grip, etc) can be shown and demonstrated without contact.

the Firearms may make you uncomfortable .. this is natural for a first time shooter and is precisely why you are at the range:  to become more comfortable with the firearms, safety and self defense. Confidence and familiarity come over time with frequent exposure and training.

Your instructor should NOT make you uncomfortable.


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  1. Thank you for mentioning me on your blog and adding me to your blog roll. Your comment was full of good stuff for me and my readers.

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