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a couple days ago commenter and pal Rabbit was kind enough to throw the term Diabetes Insipidus into the air.  I did a wwwsearch and found out some basic info, printed some of it out and hopped into the truck for today’s visit to the local veterinarian.

luckily the office was kind of slow today so there was plenty of time for them to read the printout and the doc got out the old test results and the new test results and the BIG BOOK of ANIMAL MEDICINE. We all snuck off into one of the exam rooms and read thru the section pertaining to DI and did some Q & A about tests, more tests, meds, more meds, money and other nuts n bolts.

in a nutshell the numbers that are involved with doing all the testing that hasn’t already been done alarmed the doc.. who didn’t even tell me the ballpark figure but referred to it once as ‘cost prohibitive’ and went on to plan B without missing a beat.

the plan B involves a trial run of meds to see if the Bear has a favorable reaction to the treatment. So we got on the phone with the pharmacy and ordered a weeks worth. Since the doc is pretty up to date on my financial situation, they discussed alternative meds and sources for meds to try and keep the cost down while she had them on the phone.

On the plus side we might have a diagnosis and that would be good. Regardless of the result, knowing is better than not knowing and atm we’re not treating the chronic thirst issue at all. If the treatment involves expensive daily maintenance meds for the Bear we could have a whole new problem.

For the first time since forever a Vet is telling me he’s under-weight and needs to put on a few pounds.  So I got the go ahead to add some vitamins and things to his diet and he’s perked up a bit. Not back to his old self by any means but noticeably better.



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  1. Well cool.

    You might see if you can get Ol’ Bear referred to the Texas A&M Veterinary Clinic at College Station or maybe the counterpart at Tech way out at Lubbock. They looooove to see this sort of case out there. If not, find a good veterinary endocrinologist locally (DFW) and see what they offer as a solution.

    Diabetes Insipidus is treated using desmopressin, also known as DDAVP. This medication can be given as eye drops, nose drops, or injected subcutaneously.

    Nephrogenic Diabetes Insipidus is treated with prescribed medications such as thiazide diuretics, chlorothiazide, chloropropamide and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Salt is also restricted.

    I’ve got a local Dallas vet who is ‘old school’ and I love him. He also has a steady rotation of sharp, new Aggie vets through his clinic who are the best in their class.

    Give Bear my best. Y’all take care.


  2. no luck at the vet college unfortunately

    I did find a low income ‘helping pets fund’ but I’m having difficulty getting the people involved to actually y’know .. get involved .. grrr

    still working it tho.. time I DO have.

  3. Ol’ Doc Perkins is the best to ever look at a dog or cat.

    Perkins Terry Dvm – Arapaho Road Animal Clinic
    ★★★★☆ 12 Reviews
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    739 W Arapaho Rd Richardson, TX 75080


    Ol’ Doc Perkins is who I trust my dogs and cats to. He always has a couple of real sharp new Aggie vets wirking through the clinic with hum, too.

    Perkins Terry Dvm – Arapaho Road Animal Clinic
    ★★★★☆ 12 Reviews
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    Write a Review

    739 W Arapaho Rd Richardson, TX 75080

  5. Give Bear a scratch for me. Poor baby.

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