droopy bear

taking the Bear to the vet again today

last monday he had a fever and they found a bladder infection and some of the blood tests came back a bit scary. He’s also been dropping weight now in addition to his chronic thirst – which is still caused by something they can’t find.

so we’ve been doing meds 3 times a day for a week now (which he didn’t like until I stuffed them in hotdog chunks), in addition to three months of the every 2 hours potty break, and hopefully at today’s follow up we’ll see some improvement. He’s perked up some, but is not really bouncing back the way I’d hoped.

so for those of you who are in the mood, feel free to light a candle or whatever for the Bear.



another blood draw, results are ‘not unexpected’ and another week of meds for Herr Bear. Back in a month unless he turns yellow.

Bath went well, the walk went slowly and while he still does the stairs to the house the human derrick with thumbs is required for any ridin’ in the truck.

sigh .. another month.


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  1. Definitely sending good thoughts Bear’s way. Yours too. No fun when our furry friends are feeling down.

  2. tyvm Jennifer

    I was more than half expecting this to be a 1 way trip today.
    Someday it will be; I’m glad it wasn’t today.

  3. Have they tested for diabetes insipidus ?

  4. Poor Bear puppeh. At least he still has the energy to look at me like I’m a moron, which I definitely need on occasion…

  5. @rabbit

    diabetes tested .. glucose levels consistently around the low 80s

    kidney function tested… all normal

    I have not heard DI specifically ruled out but I’ll definitely be asking on my next trip to the vet. I think perhaps I’ll be going by there today …


  6. New to your blog but I’m thinking Bear is either the man of the house or a best dog?
    CharlieGodammit (dog) just got cut and had dew claws removed so I know the babysitting trip.
    Best wishes.

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