I’ve had roommates in college, Japan, Korea, Texas, Kentucky, Minnesota, Arizona, etc etc.
— I hate moving with a red hot holy passion btw

I’ve had roommates from all over the world, complete with accents and weird ass foreign issues.
— Huh? Did you just say I need to get ‘US’ a new toothbrush? omgwtf??!!
— Here in the U.S. we generally wash those in the SHOWER, partner…just sayin

I’m not a good roommate .. I’m stubborn and opinionated and stubborn and crabby (‘Get off my lawn’) and old and paranoid and well, that’s the short list. I mostly sit in my room and fill out paperwork or sit on-hold with various people who get paid by the hour to not answer my questions or send me the proper forms or I call a friend or family and commiserate about one of the above. On any given day I’m so depressed by 9am I can barely keep myself from going postal. I watch movies or read or feed treats to the Bear. About all I’m doing is killing time. I’m not even sure roommate is the proper word… maybe neighbor would be better since it is essentially a duplex style situation with very little common space or interaction.

There will never be an ‘overheard at the dinner table’ blogpost, cuz well, there’s no dinner table. Atm there is actually a giant cardboard tiger cub playhouse in the traditional space where normal folks would socialize over food and I seldom go out there anyway.

With each new roommate in each new place there is a certain amount of wariness at first….. everything from ‘o.m.g. what did I get myself into’, to ‘hmmmm, probably should have asked about that before I moved in’, to ‘how many of those cats are yours?’ (the current record is 5 cats). These things are just unavoidable……

[noise in kitchen]
so I have a recently aquired roommate ….eh? what’s that smell?
[snif snif] ……mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmbaconmmmmmmmmmmmbaconmmmmmmmmmmmmm…………
[knock knock] hullo?
for me? thx nomnomnomnomyoucanstaynomnomnomnom


Posted on September 17, 2010, in bloggy stuff, food. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. LOL!

    I’ve received the “Mulligan Seal of Roomie Approval”!

    And all it took was a bacon bribe. You’re easy. 😉

  2. “.. I’m stubborn and opinionated and stubborn and crabby (‘Get off my lawn’) and old and paranoid and well, that’s the short list.”


    Yep yep yep… we must share some common DNA from way back when…

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