RangeDay Fail

Alt post titles:
1)Somebody needs to drop a house on that hag.
2)AD has the patience of a saint.
3)How to read the label on a doughnut.
4)Not even if you go get more money.
5)Hating Utah permits and kids.
6)screw it, let’s go to the lake.
7)How to save $100 and all your ammo.
8)No gun cleaning today
9)relocating next weekend’s range day.
10)we don’t allow instruction here, that distracts the shooters.
11)you shouldn’t let stuff like that bother you…NO WAY! OMGWTF? How the hell do they expect to do business like that??!! That’s crazy!!

Think how big this rant would be if I had a full sized keyboard….


Posted on August 1, 2010, in bloggy stuff, customer service, firearms. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. Hey, thwarted ambitions are GOOD for you. Or so they say. Or something. And yes, karma can be quite the bitch, but sometimes it’s funny to laugh about it. Right? RIGHT? *sigh*
    We’ll find another range.

  2. You were pretty patient yourself.

    As you pointed out, it does no one any good to have the shooting community bickering amongst themselves, but those people made it really hard.

  3. Glad I didn’t come to town a week early. I’m too old to have that much patience left. Sorry to have missed the fireworks, though.

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