More water dawg

Sick Bear Saga

Another 8 hrs of fluids for the Bear. He does NOT like being stuck at the vet all day long. I don’t care much for the idea either. But he definitely has a bounce in his step that’s been lacking for the last few days.

Cause of the dehydration – probable overheating

Reason all the water he drank went right on thru – unknown

This kinda bugs me, the not knowing what started it all, and not knowing if/when it’ll resurface.

Apparently some dogs can get overheated just going outside to pee. In Bear’s case this would have to happen pretty damn fast. He knows where the shade is and he doesn’t waste any time gettin there.

The truck cab is sometimes pretty warm but the AC is up and running within seconds and the temp is dropping in a couple minutes. I never take him if it’s over 90 and usually only early or late when it’s cooler. Even then I only park him in shady, breezy spots with a tub o’ water. With windows open and a good breeze it’s well within tolerance in the shade.

He has almost constant access to water. Even when visiting friends he’s trained them to put out a beverage bucket.

Best guess is a combination of things; being sick a couple weeks back, heat, humidity, and age. Neither of us is a young pup and we don’t bounce back like we did.

Thanks to all the well-wishers for the calls n comments


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  1. Having run my hand through that beautiful pelt of his, it is not without due consideration that I suggest shaving him.

  2. Its been considered. I hesitate because I’ve been told its possible to throw off internal temp controls and kill some breeds (something to do with the undercoat). If I could get a vet to say something more definitive than “try it and see” I’d chance it. But since there’s no quick way to unshave him and I’m not a gambler I think we’ll just try to visit family up north in the summer from now on. This summer’s vet bill would have paid for a lot of gasoline and cool shady campsites.

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