it’s been said (and I believe) ‘Freedom is all or nothing’. If you are about some freedoms for some people then you’re just about oppression because you can’t have ‘partial freedom’.

I can understand a ‘1 issue organization’. Any well run org has a mission statement and parameters. One group can’t do everything. You don’t learn how to bake a cake in math class. The electric company doesn’t pick up your trash. By the same token, the students don’t decide what the subject is and the customers can’t demand a service/product the company doesn’t offer.

If the NRA wants to pretend its a one trick pony and make statements to justify its actions that consist of ‘we only care about the 2nd Amendment’. Fine, but that doesn’t make is so. Even if the NRA stops sending me life insurance ads, credit card offers and catalogs full of shit made in China that won’t make it so.  Anyone considered to be an activist group is logically a pro freedom of speech group. Duh. I’m exercising my free speech but we’re not a free speech group? Hard to get that logic to work (for me at least). The NRA doesn’t make guns. The NRA doesn’t go hunting. The NRA doesn’t defend itself with lethal force. The NRA TALKS, PROMOTES & ENDORSES people and causes. Yooohooo… that’s the first amendment not the second amendment. (look it up if you need to, there’s a link on the sidebar.)

an NRA quote from

the McCain-Feingold law infringes on free-speech and makes it harder to advocate for lawmakers who support gun rights.

and this is the guy the NRA endorses? Making a statement about how free speech affects advocates and then supporting the guy that’s making it difficult? how does this make sense?

Additionally, when you have your annual convention in a gun free zone you are not pro-gun. It’s as simple as that. YOU GAVE MILLIONS OF DOLLARS TO A SYSTEM THAT IS ANTI-GUN. Frosting on a turd doesn’t make it a cake.

I’m a lifetime member so I’m not going to drop my membership but I have stopped sending additional funds to support the organization and I’ll most likely stop promoting NRA membership with links and logos.


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  1. The NRA is doing things you do not like, so what do you do? Instead of trying to get it fixed you are saying boo-hoo your feelings are hurt because they are not doing it your wahy and are inessence no longer going to support the best pro firearms ownership organization we have fighting for us and our rights. If the current leaders of he NRA do not get it, vote them out. It is that simple. Of course you could always run to become an NRA leader yourself.

    Now maybe my words seem harsh but hopefully they will get you to think again abut what you say you are about to do before you basically abandon them.

    By the way, having the NRA convention in what amounts to an anti-gun venue was not the worst idea as I see it. They should do the same every year and make as big a stink about it as they can until the venue becomes pro-gun. Do you think a place would be more likely to become neutral or even pro-gun if gun types avoid it or if they go there and bring their message with them several times and then and only then say – if you don’t change now we will find another place. Give them something worth missing. Then hold it back. Chances are they will change anyway on their own when they see how law abiding and peaceful are the folks who attend NRA events.

    Tellk me, should there be no guns shows or NRA meetings in NY state? It too is an anti-gun venue though maybe bigger than a hotel chain, and I presume hat is what yiou were talking about. Keeping up thepressure brings chnage we want. look at White Plains, NY today for a fine example of that.

    As for the NRA please reconsider. Vote annually, write them letters, tell them you do not approve of current actics, then if they do not chnage go ahead and hold the funding back. First though, at least make every effort to get them to see your point of view.

    All the best,

  2. you assume I am not trying to get it fixed
    you assume I didn’t run in the last election

    ‘best’ pro firearm organization in no way equates to ‘good enough’
    ‘not the worst idea’ in no way equates to ‘good idea’

    I’m not ‘abandoning’. Nor am I ‘jumping to conclusions’ or having a ‘knee-jerk reaction’.
    The convention was strike one
    Endorsing anti bill of rights politicians was strike two
    This new free speech exemption issue is strike three
    I am just stopping active promotion until I see a return to the policies and values I support. I cannot in good conscience continue to promote and recruit until the current internal issues are resolved.

    Giving a state millions of dollars worth of revenue is not the way to get them to modify their behavior. Any good parent (or dog trainer) can tell you not to give the reward until after you see the behavior you want. Reward for nothing is the core problem with today’s government, and I’m appalled to see the NRA subscribing to that philosophy. In this case there is absolutely no need for any policy change now because it will be years before NRA attempts to revisit this location, if ever.

    Supporting an org based on past behavior and ignoring current issues is irresponsible. It’s not much different than blindly voting along party lines.

    “Give them something worth missing. Then hold it back.” good idea.

    “I have stopped sending additional funds to support the organization and I’ll most likely stop promoting NRA membership with links and logos.”

    give them my support and then hold it back ?

  3. Thanks for being a Knight in Shining Armor for my friend Christina on Saturday.

    You know, I’m pretty modern in a lot of ways, but I think the way men of all stripes in Texas will pull over to help a woman on the roadside speaks loads about the gallant nature of the fellows in our state. Well, okay, not every stripe– I’ve never had a man in a business suit pull over to help. Anyway, to a man, not a single one ever took a dime from me when offered a $20 for their trouble. Yes, I can change a tire myself- Dad made sure of that before I got the keys to my first car– but I’m 5’2″ and that short wheel-base can really slow one down on such laborious tasks.

    Anyway, you are most kind and genteel, and I appreciate that. 🙂

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