it ain’t free

This pisses me off. On more than one level.

I was reading a Dept of Veteran’s Affairs article on Military Sexual Trauma

First of all this is a horrible terrible thing. The reasons are inexcusable and people routinely go unpunished, protected by the establishment. The power over a subordinate is never more absolute than it is in the military. Using the threat of a dishonorable discharge to abuse power is contemptible but commonplace.
[more on this later]

The other thing that really gets me is this lil tidbit from the article

Treatment is Free for All Veterans

um no its not. Nothing at the VA is free. The equipment isn’t free, the staff doesn’t work for free, the utility companies don’t donate electricity. IT’S NOT FREE. The taxpayers pay for it. Members of the military pay taxes too so they pay with their service and their money.

same article – from Susan McCutcheon, RN, EdD, Director of Family Services, Women’s Mental Health and Military Sexual Trauma within VA’s Office of Mental Health Services

“It’s most important for Veterans to know that all counseling and treatment for mental and physical health conditions related to MST is provided free of charge,”

Treatment at a VA facility is EARNED you fucking imbeciles.  What they got for free was VIOLATED BY RAPISTS.

It is bad enough to find this backwards thinking horseshit out among the non-military public but at the Dept of Veteran’s Affairs website?  ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR FUCKING MIND?


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