movies by mulligan – Robin Hood

Robin Hood

blah…. not bad, not good, just blah.

perhaps I’m biased because I read the book 30 years ago.

its raining and muddy in England, the crusades were a miserable arrogant failure & people don’t like taxes .. .surprise.

The plot was more of a political mess than entertaining. Halfway through the thing I found myself looking around at the audience because the movie couldn’t hold my attention, and several of the key traditional scenes were absent.

However, I did think it was well cast, the heavy duty action scenes were good (although reminiscent of Gladiator imo) and it gave an interesting twist to the Robin/Marian love story.

Nice try – Worth matinee or rental price, but in a strange quirk of fate; I was not entertained.


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  1. Yeah, I hadn’t heard much about this one, either good or bad. We wanted to go see “Kickass” today, but it’s not playing in any local theaters. šŸ˜¦

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