movies by mulligan – Iron Man 2

Iron Man 2

first – let me clarify .. I’ve purchased maybe 3 comic books in my life. Not my thing.

second – casting Robert Downey Jr. as a brilliant, self indulgent, self destructive, addictive, privileged personality, welllll one might say he’s trained for that his whole life.

Now about the movie:

RRRRReallllly goood

people in the audience actually cheering at times. Edge of your seat good. No way I’m going to the restroom during the movie good (which can be a real pain when you know something will happen after the credits).

oops .. yeah something after the credits btw.

Ok, there were a couple things we’ll call pseudo-science (things we’re supposed to swallow because its based on a comic book and not real life)  in the movie that kinda went over the top.. maybe on purpose to remind us its a comic. Either way they weren’t show stoppers, just stuff to talk about on the way home.

my only other real beef observation is they should have cast Don Cheadle as Rhodie in the first one. I hate it when they change cast members. Both guys did a swell job.. Don did it better even if he can’t wear an Air Force hat correctly.

big screen required – worth adding to your library


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  1. Silver and I watched this one yesterday, as a matter of fact. She was wowed way more than I was, though I definitely enjoyed the movie, too. Just not as much as I enjoyed the first one. I had a few quibbles, but can’t really post ’em here without also posting some spoilers, which I’d rather not do!

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