gotta want it

why is it chronically happy people think you are doing something wrong by being unhappy? They think you are unhappy because you don’t want to be happy? I’m pretty sure I want to be happy. Yup just checked and verified.. I in fact DO want to be happy.

hey I’ll be the first guy on the happy-wagon .. .just gimme a reason

anyone ?

anyone ?

maybe I don’t want it bad enough…. wait… I’ll try harder…..oops .. no .. still got a communist in the white house but it does smell funny in here now.

I’ll try harder .. I reeeeeeeaaaaalllly want it bad (gonna get some spam hits on that one)… nope still chronically ill.

I think chronically happy people need prune juice.. cuz they’re full of shit. Can you make your own prune juice at home.. for medicinal purposes? Probably not in California. Is that covered under the new mandatory health care coverage? It must be .. cuz I read enough of it to know denial and being full of shit are key components of the bill.

You know what’ll make me happy?

  1. If the police don’t accidentally shoot my dog or my daughter.
  2. If my friends don’t get arrested for planning a seditious ‘what if’ contingency attack
  3. If people learn how to spell vote before they attempt it
  4. If stupid people stop graduating with honors.
  5. If freedom and equality get applied to all citizens equally
  6. 5a. all you other folks can take your ass home or do the paperwork
    5b. do me a favor and take a liberal whiner with you on your way out they don’t like it here anyway.


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  1. I’m happy about 95% of the time. I make a choice to be happy, but some things you can’t change and you can’t be happy about them either.
    I just don’t sweat the small stuff because there’s no point in getting upset about ’em. Unless I’m driving. 😀

    Obviously I’m not talking about “choice” with regards to clinical depression, etc. That’s a chemical imbalance and all the wishing in the world isn’t going to make it better.

  2. I can be happy .. in the midst of something good.

    My problem is I see so much that isn’t good its difficult to remain cheerful. e.g. in the last year we’ve had 3 funerals, a layoff, a divorce & 2 cancer patients vs. 1 baby shower & a HS grad. Not a ratio that cheers people up.

    however ‘seeing bad’ then prompts the statement: Look for the good things.

    I see the good things. But don’t actively spend time and energy seeking them out when that cuts into my ‘danger awareness’ effort. I don’t want to get mugged by a guy I didn’t see ‘cuz I was too busy smelling the roses to notice him. I’ll enjoy a good meal… with my back to a wall. I’ll stop to chat with a friend… but watch my 6 in the window reflection.

    I don’t train myself to ignore good things, but I train to prioritize bad things because good things are not going to damage me. Good things should be reinforced (I make a point of giving commendations to Customer Service Supervisors when I encounter competency.) but don’t need to be countered or prevented.

    clinical depression? you’re right 100% I think

    I have environmental depression, there is just so much stupidity & frustration it’s overwhelming at times.

    when’s the last time there was more happy mail in the box than gloomy mail? For every check you get a half dozen bills.

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