healthcare rodeo

today we have to call the VA to tell them NO, in fact HELL NO. you will not change my medication from the thing that works to some other thing. AGAIN.

I’ve done it 3 times already … budget cuts or some other BS arbitrary decision by someone I’ve never met to decide what’s available, what’s cheapest, or whats approved.

I served my time. I earned my benefits. I don’t want to be sick and I surely don’t enjoy being sick. Anyone that thinks I will give up the meds that work, that I had to fight to get in the first place and then fight to keep and then do it all over again is deluded.

call the number on the memo

call the number on the memo
pls call this number instead

call the new number
please call the clinic direct at this number (seems familiar.. yup that’s the number I started with)
rinse repeat
4th time around I get to leave a message with some poor gal on phone duty who can 1-not make decisions and 2-is not privy to any of the necessary info to answer my questions. we leave a message for the doctor.

call patient services
ring (repeat until AT&T disconnects)

call hosp main switchboard line
ring (repeat until AT&T disconnects)

call regional patient advocate
hey hi howareya? fine .. your phone system is fubar btw
I have a pharmacy problem
I’ll transfer you
We’ll call you back

call back from idiot pharmacist that tells me she can’t change my prescription
I’m not tryin to change my prescription I’m trying to stop you from changing my prescription.
she’s too figgin stupid to understand either the english or my point or both.
Her supervisor will call me back later .. in a meeting atm. durrr yeah right sure. Oh look pigs are flyin past my window…..

time passes much ranting …let it be known that I have not cursed or raised my voice (out loud) at this point

call back from the clinic .. nurse…. sigh I hate this game
I don’t want you to change my meds
well that med is not approved
yeah uhuh.. I’ve been getting it for 8-10 years now… so whats the problem?
well the doctor wants to change it to this other thing that’s been approved
well that one is not approved
uhuh.. what changed?
Doc will be calling me back….

watchin out the window for flyin pigs….

takin a break


call back from the P.A. @ the local clinic

now, let it be known at this point I’m pretty sure none of this is his fault. This was a decision at some point way up high about which pharmaceutical company to do business with and I’m only bothering him at this point because his nurse doesn’t know wtf is going on (in either language, I suspect).

we’ll sum up his patronizing offensive comments as rudeness, arrogance, condescension, etc and let it go

oooooh … no, wait …. let’s not let it go…. what was that you said?


WTF? um, excuse me doc, that’s not my opinion, its documented recorded researched fact.

“I won’t be yelled at” click  (I was not yelling. I’ll admit to a non-relaxed tone yes. Elevated volume, yes. Yelling, no.)

pause for rapid travel

Hello I’m here to see Mr. —– … in regards to the conversation he and I just had on the phone. …. I’ll wait.

coward owes me an apology

From Patient rights and responsibilities

I. Respect and Nondiscrimination
You will be treated with dignity, compassion, and respect as an individual.

III. Participation in Treatment Decisions
You, and any persons you choose, will be involved in all decisions about your care.

IV. Complaints
You may complain verbally or in writing, without fear of retaliation.

My patience has ended. I know they are sorry they haven’t managed to kill me yet. While I have to respect their tenacity I am not giving up without a fight. It would be the same anyplace else.

I want the service I paid for or I want my money back.

Oh and btw … while I’m waiting for you to make a decision on that.. I won’t be tricked into breaking the law & going to jail either. My thanks to the responding officer for his professionalism. While he did not do anything other than observe and verify a resolution he could have caused the situation to escalate into something else entirely.

[elapsed time 6.5 hours.]


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  1. Damn. It might be a rodeo, but you apparently are required to stay on for longer than 8 seconds! More like eight HOURS. I’m sorry.

  2. I don’t know which war your were in but I know several men from Viet Nam who found out the hard way that Uncle Sam doesn’t care much about broken soldiers when he doesn’t need them any more.

  3. hasn’t changed much in my experience

  4. Parabarbarian is absolutely correct in his statement about broken soldiers. They would like for us to just die and go away. I am lucky, however, as I live in an area with two equidistant V.A. clinics. When the first one started dissing me on treatment and appointments I was able to easily change to the other. The first clinic I went to would cancel an appointment AFTER I GOT THERE. This was the last straw. Service is quick and efficient at the new one but I had to change doctors once when I got one that didn’t give a flying you know what. Medicines are still changed, though not often, and I am not really concerned because there just trying to get the best price, which is what would happen if co-opps were allowed to bid with drug companies. Just check online and compare the medicines, if you want, but it will probably not do any good.

  5. best price for identical meds I don’t mind and I think pinching pennies to get more vets treatment is wonderful. Problem is when they change my meds its a change to a similar med which may(rarely) or may not(usually) work.

    at no point should money concerns come before a vet’s health or quality of care. … ever.

    the reason people get to earn money in this country is because some vet traded blood and sweat for a nice safe spot for ’em to do it.

  6. one of the scary things about the VA is that they have chronic problems with mundanities — answering the phone .. making appointments …. shipping medicine…. follow ups and distributing information….

    this is basic business 101 folks… and they consistently fail.

    if anyone manages to do a good job they get ousted by the entrenched powers within the system or they find a better gig and move on.

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